Core Values

  1. We believe the church is called to make disciples of Christ because lost people matter to God.

  2. We believe that every believer should seek to influence his or her network of friends toward accepting Christ.

  3. We believe that every believer should be Spirit-filled and exercising their spiritual gifts.

  4. We belive that God will lead, grow and empower us as we submit and yield ourselves fully to Him.

  5. We believe that life-related Bible teaching is foundational for life change and spiritual growth.

  6. We belive that prayer and worship, both personal and corporate, are vital to the spiritual health of the believer and the church body.

  7. We believe Christ is the head of the church and had provided gifted godly leaders to guide, equip and empower people for ministry.

  8. We believe that authentic Christian community and life change happen best in small groups characterized by care, transparency and accountability.

  9. We believe that the church should be a unified, loving community of believers who are sensitive to the needs of others and committed to encouraging and supporting others.

  10. We believe that honouring God in the management of personal and Christ resources according to biblical principles is a priority.

  11. We believe that excellence honours God and therefore we will give Him our best.

  12. We believe that the Church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.